Ageless in Hollywood: How These British Celebrities Have Managed To Remain So Flawless Over The Years

Elizabeth Hurley – Age 56

With her brown, cascading locks and piercing blue eyes, Elizabeth Hurley’s beauty is evergreen. To thwart the process of aging, the Bedazzled actress swears by regular moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated. According to some reports, she moisturizes her face and neck up to ten times a day!

In 2005, Hurley launched her swimwear label, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Catering to women aged 13 and up, the brand offers clothing items like outfits, robes, one-pieces, and bikinis. In a recent post on social media during her vacation in Wales, Hurley stole the show with her amazing figure and toned midriff while modeling the newest offering from her London-based swimwear line.

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