Animal Attacks, Wardrobe Mishaps & Near Drownings: It’s Just A Day In Life Of A News Anchor

Kate Longworth Becomes Collateral Damage

Celebrations can get out of hand when professional sports teams win a match. In 2018, when the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Los Angeles Angels in the MLB, they couldn’t leave their celebrations in the clubhouse. So naturally, it spilled out onto the field, and Fox Sports reporter Kate Longworth was caught in the middle.

While interviewing Diamondbacks player A.J. Pollock, Longworth got caught in the spill of a Gatorade shower being given to Pollock by two of his teammates. Later, the Diamondbacks Tweeted an apology to Longworth, an apology that included a GIF of the incident. They also referred to Longworth as Collateral Damage.

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